Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Need Transmission or Engine Repair in North Central Florida?

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Monday, March 14, 2011

2nd reactor explodes in Japan - main stream media mysteriously silent

March 14, 2011 Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant exploded in true Chernobyl fashion, blowing the containment structure and equipment 1000 feet into the sky, the mushroom cloud rose at least 3 times higher. This was a different structure than the previous meltdown.
The area had reported radiation levels 100 times normal (?) in the aftermath of the quake. Most amazing, though, was the total lack of concern by the mainstream media. I can only hope that the survivors were evacuated before the predicted explosion occurred.
Alex Jones was the only person discussing this event today on his radio show. I did a google search on: nuclear explosion japan earthquake, and was surprised to see only one mention on the first page, and it linked to a video that was posted on Youtube. You can view it below, if it doesn't get 'pulled' for showing the truth. Skip to 0:50 for the explosion.

This is the type of news we get now-a-days. They are all in cahoots with the corrupt gangsters who have stolen our government. The media effectively says 'all is well, go back to sleep'. Well, all is not well. Nuclear fallout is heading for our west coast and nary a word is said. People research potassium iodide. Get some, especially, if you live on the west coast. More and more are waking up and are pissed at what has been allowed to pass as acceptable in this country.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ron Paul says "strength of ideas and the power of ideas... will prevail"

Texas Congressman Ron Paul will head the House subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve in 2011, has emphasized the Federal Reserve should be ended, but vowed to "think things through and not over-do things too soon."
He further states that he is more in favor of a transition. The Constitution says that the money supply is to be backed by gold and silver, and Paul just wants them to be a legal body.
"I’ll have plans for hearings to find out how much information we can get. Obviously it is very popular with the American people to audit the Fed, to know what they are doing." Paul said.
"They can spend trillions of dollars and we don’t know where it goes. They have a bigger budget, they spend more money than the Congress does, and yet we have no oversight. It was never intended that a secret body like this could create money out of thin air and spend it, take care of some banks and big business and foreign banks while the American people struggle." he said.
"If next week I issue a subpoena for such and such, I don’t think that would be met with a good acceptance,” Paul said. “And it’s not like I am a powerful person. My ideas are powerful but there is a committee chairman and a speaker of the House. I’m realistic and I know what that means. But I also know the strength of ideas and the power of ideas, and that’s what will prevail." the Congressman further stated.
How can anyone be against an audit of the Federal Reserve? Thus far, they have answered to no one, created money out of thin air and distributed it without any oversight, whatsoever. This is a very dangerous undertaking for anyone to attempt. You know the most powerful institution ever created doesn't want outsiders looking into how business has been conducted. We've seen what happened when a president wanted change from them. This is definitely, shark infested waters, and Ron Paul needs to keep a look, out for the Sonny Bono set-ups and the JFK reactions.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Homeland Security Chief in Conflict Providing Equipment to TSA

The discussion over the TSA “Love Pats”, as coined by CBS, is being framed in the incorrect light. We should not be talking about the TSA security measures but we should be asking why the TSA and not the airlines are handling security.
Consider this; if the airlines controlled the security and I do not feel that an airlines security is what it should be, I am not going to fly them. Security would quickly become a selling point of an airline. From this security competition would spring innovation and better security than the Federal Government could ever hope to offer. Might the price of tickets increase? Yes, however my taxes should be reduced because I can eliminate the TSA.
As it stands now, we have the former head of Homeland Security profiting from the sale of scanning machines. We have seven dollar an hour thugs groping our women and children in the name of safety and the Federal Government intimidating and bullying its citizens.
I challenge you to give me one example of where the TSA security procedures have actually prevented a person from getting on a plane with a serious weapon or bomb. Your grandmother and her knitting needles do not count.
The TSA measures are typical government think, reactive. Why do we allow such tyranny? Have we become sheeple? What next, roadblocks? In the mid 1700’s we called it Illegal search and seizure when stopped on horse back crossing the land.
As long as government interferes in our lives we lose freedoms that have been paid for in blood. Allowing this incremental expansion of government to continue is wrong. It is time to stand up and tell those that would take our freedoms from us, enough is enough!
Stand up, be heard and be counted!

Eric D. Miller

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pilots and Passengers Revolt Against TSA

Enough is enough. The Allied Pilots Association (APA) has complained and pilots are being advised to go through the demeaning TSA pat-down rather than go through the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) body scanner. The pilots are already being radiated at a higher rate than most people who do their job, even higher than nuclear power plant workers. There is also mounting evidence of adverse health threats to pilots from this level of radiation, without adding to it before even taking off from the ground.
It's really sad to see these professionals subjected to this treatment, considering, in the words of one pilot, Capt. Dave Bates, "It is a source of continual astonishment to me that pilots, many of whom, it should be pointed out, are military veterans who possess security clearances, are not allowed to carry onboard their airplanes pocket knives and bottles of shampoo, but then they're allowed to fly enormous, fuel-laden, missile-like objects over American cities." Capt. Bates is president of the Allied Pilots Association.
Amazing. The pilots don't deserve this level of security. The American people do not, either. With our borders wide open for anyone to enter our country illegally, why should Americans allow being felt up by the 'legal' perverts working for the TSA. These 'pat-downs' are nothing more than sexual harassment and battery. This sort of thing should be reserved only for the inmates in a maximum security facility. This is not what we wanted when Homeland Security was shoved down our throats days after the demolition of the WTC towers and building 7. This plan was obviously, previously envisioned, due to the swiftness of its passage into law.
This security measure will only get worse if we don't stand up and oppose this treatment. Just remember, the nationwide smoking bans in public places began first, with smoking on airplanes. Now, you can't even smoke in a tobacco store. That isn't what was wanted.
Recently, in Orlando, a father and his 8-year old son had the misfortune of being selected, for extra screening by TSA, after going through the metal detector. The procedure was described to the father prior to them conducting it. The boy was patted-down in the open security area, by the officer using the back sides of his hand to check his genital area.
"I didn't think it was going to be as horrible as he was describing," said the boy's father. "We spend my child's whole life telling him that only mom, dad and a doctor can touch you in your private area, and now we have to add TSA agent and that's just wrong," he continued, "At some point the terrorists have won." Right. Those terrorists are in control, in Washington. It is time to tell them that we are NOT the enemy. They won't profile the illegal Mexicans. They won't profile anyone looking Middle Eastern. Hey, that only leaves you and me. We are not Al-cia-da. We need to stop this tyranny, and it is tryanny. They want to see how much you will take, because this will be coming to a seat-belt infraction near you. Press charges against the perverts.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fake Terror Alert Before Elections

We can expect a fake terror alert sometimes between now and Tuesday, just to show that Obama is on the ball and a great leader. Unfortunately, it will be just smoke and mirrors for those prepared to spot it. One has to wonder how far they will go using this tactic. Most likely it will be just a scare alert to all Obama supporters. This is only a warning, stay tuned for the real deal.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ron Paul: Show Me the Gold

In addition to wanting the Federal Reserve audited, Ron Paul now wants to see the gold at Ft. Knox. He will introduce legislation in the next session to do just that. No one has seen it, no one can get inside to see it. He doesn't think any is there, at least not any large amounts. His reasoning is if the Federal Reserve needs to be abolished, how much gold is in reserves with which to use as backing for new US legal tender?
These things should be easy for a government that is by, for, and of the people. If the Federal Reserve has nothing to hide, open up, and if Ft. Knox is holding gold, open up for a congressional inspection. This can't be too much to ask.
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